What is Cardano?

Cardano is a decentralized public open source blockchain and cryptocurrency project that is born out of a scientific philosophy and a research-driven approach. Cardano is also developing a Smart Contract platform that wants to offer advanced features for its blockchain so that it can one day be interoperable with major financial organizations.

  • ADA is the native cryptocurrency of the Cardano platform
  • The Ouroboros Hydra protocol contributes 1000 TPS per pool to the blockchain network (coming soon, according to simulations)
  • Cardano allows creating native tokens on the blockchain itself
  • Smart Contract development available (coming soon)

Let's start a new project together on blockchain with Cardano

Official site: Cardano.org

What is Cardano?

What is a stake pool?

A stake pool is responsible for processing transactions and producing new blocks on the Cardano blockchain.

Holders of ADA (cryptocurrency) can make a delegation of participation to a Cardano stake pool, to generate rewards; Delegation is a totally different operation than a transaction of funds between parties, you never send your ADAs to the pool, only your participation is registered. Here's how it works

The Ouroboros protocol is used for the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus, it will make the distribution of rewards among the delegates, among other things to keep the blockchain operational and secure.

Here you can find more information:

What is a stake pool?

Our stake pool

Our infrastructure

Our work as a stake pool operator requires keeping several servers (nodes) running 24/7 at maximum performance, to keep the blockchain interconnected for this work we receive rewards, just as our participating delegates receive their rewards. In order to ensure maximum rewards for everyone, we designed a scalable, redundant and secure infrastructure with real-time monitoring and alerts.

  • OS: Ubuntu server 20.04 LTS
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • Location: Germany (soon more relay in South America)
  • Block producer node (8GB RAM, 100GB SSD)
  • Relay node 1 (8GB RAM, 100GB SSD)
  • Relay node 2 (8GB RAM, 100GB SSD)

Our infrastructure

Solidarity Fund 2021

Our rewards received for operating the stake pool from 05-11-2021 to 12-31-2021 will be used for donations. Currently they will be destined to Uruguayan Fund for the fight against COVID-19 (Spanish)

Only if necessary, we will use a maximum of 340 ADA of our rewards in a new epoch (5-day cycle), to cover the maintenance and updating of the stake pool.

We commit to continue in 2022 helping with our solidarity fund

Solidarity Fund 2021


Ticker: TERO

Pool ID: 07175f6efa70645146007138a4fdd00b9e8db2a73baecdd704ebccfd

1- What do I need to get started?

  • Read about delegation of participation. Here's a good article from the official forum.
  • Install a Cardano wallet. The safest way to do it is to enter the official site Cardano.org, choose “Individuals” in the menu at the top of the page, and choose between:
    Daedalus wallet” (Requires a pc with at least: 64-bit OS, dual core cpu, 8 GB RAM, 15 GB disk space.)
    "Yoroi wallet" (Android, iOS, PC with Brave, Chrome, Firefox or Edge)
  • Buy ADA. There are several ways to buy ADA, we recommend using Binance where you can exchange fiat money (USD / EUR) for the ADA cryptocurrency and withdraw to your Cardano wallet.

    We DO NOT recommend using an exchange for staking, only to BUY and WITHDRAW to your Cardano wallet (here's why)

2 - How to delegate participation from my Cardano wallet?

Daedalus wallet

After installing it, it requires a complete update of the blockchain, you must wait for it to finish before using it.

1. Delegation Menu
2. Go to tab "Stake pools"
3. Search TERO
4. Click on the square "TERO"
5. Click "Delegate to this pool"
6. Confirm the operation (*)


Yoroi wallet

1. Go to tab "Delegation List"
2. Search TERO
3. Click "DELEGATE" (*)


* The first registration of a Cardano wallet to delegate in the stake pool will ask you to deposit 2 ADA per delegation certificate and ~ 0.18 ADA per transaction fee. This is NOT a transfer to a third party. The protocol requests it as a guarantee of registration in the blockchain. If you leave the stake pool, the protocol returns the deposit of 2 ADA.

3 - How to keep track of your rewards?

  • Your participation will generate rewards for as long as you want, at no cost to you and having full control of your ADA. Our rewards have a fixed value of 340 ADA for pool maintenance and 2% that we will use for donations, the protocol is who will reward us when we are chosen by their algorithm; Your ADA will NOT be deducted via delegation. This is impossible since you'll never transfer your ADAs from your wallet to the pool.
  • You will have to wait between 15 and 20 days to receive your first rewards, after this initial period. you will have the possibility of receiving rewards regularly every 5 days. Remember that the rewards are generated by our pool when you sign blocks. This depends on the total amount of active participation other variables.
  • If you send more ADA to your wallet, your participation will automatically increase and you will have better rewards in the future.
  • You can transfer your ADAs to another wallet address anytime, but you will no longer receive rewards from the pool; If you wish, you can re-register your Cardano wallet with our pool later.
  • Track your rewards from your wallet or click here to enter one of your Cardano wallet addresses.

New Horizons

We can promote the adoption of Cardano's blockchain technology together.


Follow our social media channels and get regular updates on work in our pool, new projects and the Cardano community.

IMPORTANT !! We DO NOT request payments or ask for personal information from our delegates. Please let us know if you suspect scam and / or spoofing intent in the Cardano community. Our communications are only made publicly by our Twitter: @terostakepool or website: www.terostakepool.com